The Mission Statement of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club is to teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.

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2020 Spring Lax Jam Rules:

Dates: May 2nd & 3rd 

For Youth Divisions (U10, U11, U12, U13 & U15): We will follow US Lacrosse Rules, unless modified herein.

For Youth Divisions (U8-U9) we will pay a 7v7 Formant





  • No dogs are allowed on the turf in Edwards, not at all in Eagle. There is a path from the animal shelter that runs through the parking lot and along the road they could use in Eagle.
  • No eating food allowed on the turf (both locations). 
  • Tents, etc. cannot be staked into the turf at either venue. Weights for tents should be <50lbs (typical Kwik Goal bag weight) so they don't leave an impression in the turf. It’s CO in the spring. Expect brisk wind at some point.
  • There is no parking on Miller Ranch Rd in Edwards--the residents there will call police. Funhaters.
  • Leave no Trace. See trash? Pick it up! Thank you!



  • 20 minute run time halves
  • 1 time-out per game, clock doesn’t stop
  • No TO in last 2 minutes, No OT in pool play
  • OT in bracket play determined by braveheart
  • US Lacrosse Rules, NFHS rules, unless otherwise noted.
  • Tournament Director reserves the right of final say on all matters.  Double rostering with players from other clubs is not permitted.


2020 Rule Changes

  • During flag down slow whistle, play now continues until;
  • Goal scored. Ball goes out of bound., Offense commits a foul. Second defensive foul. Defense gains possession. Injury. End of period.


Game Time:

  • Games start every 50-minutes and include 2 (two) 20 (twenty minute) running halves and a 3-minute half time. The time will be kept by an on field official or at the table.
  • Teams not ready to face off at game time and at the start of the second half will be assessed a 60-second delay of game penalty.
  • Game Clock will run unless an injury or official’s time out is called. Penalty clocks will stop during timeouts, injuries and official's time outs.
  • It is an unsportsmanlike conduct for a man-down team, to in any way delay the start of play after the ball goes out of bounds.


Time Outs:

  • One 1-minute time out is allowed to each team per game. No timeouts under two minutes remaining. Official timeouts will stop the clock.
  • Games may end in a tie for pool play.
  • Championship games will end in braveheart.



  • Technical foul is 30 seconds; personal foul is 60 seconds. Unsportsmanlike conduct carries a mandatory 1-3 minute non-releasable penalty. If a player or coach has more than one of these in a game, it’s a mandatory ejection. Penalty will start when referee blows whistle to restart play.
  • Fouling Out: Any player who accumulates 4 personal fouls or 5 minutes in personal foul penalty time shall be disqualified from the game. A substitute for that player may enter the game when the disqualified player would have been permitted to re-enter had he not fouled out (US Lax 5-11).
  • Ejections - in the event a player or coach is ejected from a game, the referee’s, head referee and tournament director will meet to discuss future game penalty, if any.