The Mission Statement of the Vail Valley Lacrosse Club is to teach and support the values of character, honesty, sportsmanship and excellence through the game of lacrosse.

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Families and coaches are allies in teaching children how to be cooperative team members; how to apply both positive feedback and constructive criticism; and how to cope with adversity and achieve “mental toughness”.  Lacrosse provides an opportunity to teach young athletes to deal with realities of highly competitive situations as gracious competitors. Adults must set a proper example.

In spectator enthusiasm some parents are prone to issuing instructions to players that may be contrary to those of the coach, leaving the players confused and upset. We respectfully ask families to encourage their athletes to follow the coach's instructions and presume positive intentions.

Certain incidents may occur that result in miscommunication, misunderstanding, or disagreement. In order to ensure a respectful and professional experience, VVLC expects coaches, players, families, and board members to follow the below guidelines.

Athletes should strive to build an adult level of communication with their coaches, VVLC staff, and all lacrosse players and coaches.​ Establish clear and open channels of communication, be objective, and show empathy. We encourage thoughtful, respectful family discussion before contact with coaches.​ Players are encouraged to speak directly to coaches to attempt to resolve any issue.

​24-Hour Waiting Period: All family feedback regarding lacrosse matters (i.e. “playing time”, lineup and position assignments, game tactics, practice methodologies – anything that falls under the purview of “coaching decisions”); or matters of personal or family emotions are subject to a 24-hour waiting period before contact with the coaching staff. If further follow-up is needed, please feel free to request a face-to-face meeting with the Director of Lacrosse or Executive Director.